Food: McCain Foods 🍁

Name: McCain Foods

Products: Frozen food

Manufactured In: 

  • Carberry, Manitoba,
  • Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick,
  • Grand Falls, New Brunswick,
  • Coaldale, Alberta
  • Portage la Prarie, Manitoba

Where to buy: Retailers worldwide


Canadian Owned: Yes

Since being founded by two brothers in the late 1950s in Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick, McCain Foods has grown to be the largest producer of frozen potato products in the world. Florenceville-Bristol has since come to be known as the french fry capital of the world, and McCain has become a giant in the frozen food world. As of 2014, they were the 19th largest privately owned company in Canada and as of 2017, they had some 20,000 employees and 47 production facilities in countries around the world.