Footwear/Accessories: Thermohair 🍁

Name: Thermohair

Products: Socks, Insoles, Mitts

Manufactured In: Canada

Where to Buy: Various Places in Canada, United States, Japan and Ireland


Canadian Owned: Yes

There’s a long and interesting story about Thermohair, which started in 1992. We will not cover the story here but you can read it on the company’s website. Essentially, they are the innovators who started using kid mohair (the hair from young Angora goats) in socks when everyone thought they were crazy for doing so since mohair is a premium fabric.

Thermohair now sources their mohair from South Africa, from the only commercially viable Angora goat herd in the world. The mohair is knit into socks and other products in Canada. Unfortunately, there are only a few mills left in Canada that can do this as most textile production has left the country.