Footwear: Dayton Boots 🍁

Name: Wohlford Boots (formely Dayton Boots)

Products: Leather Boots, Biker Boots, Forestry Boots, Work Boots, Dress Shoes

Manufactured In: Vancouver, British Columbia

Where to Buy: Company website or their store in East Vancouver.


Canadian Owned: Yes

Wohlford Boots, which until recently was known as Dayton Boots, was started by Charlie Wohlford in 1946. He went from repairing boots for loggers to making boots for loggers. Since then, the company has diversified their boot range considerably but they are still made by hand with attention to detail and a lifetime warranty.

The company recently rebranded and as part of the process changed its name from Dayton to Wohlford Boots. The rebranding does not mean the company is changing its principles, rather it is strengthening its commitment to produce durable and stylish boots while resonating more with contemporary trends.

The boots are available to purchase from the online store or the factory store in East Vancouver. In addition to ready-to-wear boots, the company makes boots to order.