Footwear: La Canadienne 🍁

Name: La Canadienne Shoes

Products: Shoes, outerwear accessories

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec (waterproof collection) and Italy (European collection)

Where to Buy: Online and in-store


Canadian Owned: Yes

La Canadienne was established in 1987 in Montreal where it is said you can experience four seasons in a day. The company has been making boots at its Montreal facility since then and every boot is still hand-cut to ensure they fit perfectly and offer an unsurpassable level of comfort.

When products have gone through several stages of production, they are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet the company’s high standards before they are packed. Shoes made by La Canadienne are designed to be stylish yet practical, affordable, and of premium quality. You can purchase La Canadienne’s products online, in one of their stores, or at various retailers.