Furniture: Iel-Lachance 🍁

Name: Iel-Lachance

Products: Range of products for the home, including chairs, cleaning and storage equipment, and packaging

Manufactured In: Québec

Where to buy: From the company’s website and various retailers across Canada


Canadian  Owned: yes

The IEL-Lachance was founded by Émile Lachance in 1963 in Quebec. This sixty-year-old company has grown from a small family business that Émile Lachance started at his home, into a company that serves customers across the whole of North America. The company has its headquarters in St-Damien-de-Buckland, Quebec.

The company manufactures a range of polymer products from storage and packaging to kitchen and garden equipment. They also make the solair chair. A classic chair that has been a part of their production line since 1972. The full range of products can be viewed on the company’s website.