Games/Toys: Silverback Games 🍁

Name: Silverback VR

Products: VR, games, 3D modelling, and more

Manufactured In: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Video game stores online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Silverback VR used to be known as Silverback Games and focused on online adventure and puzzle games but now offers a wider range of products. The company was founded by Willie Stevenson and Colleen Shannahan.

The team at Silverback VR has decades of combined expertise in onboarding, game design, architecture, and visual arts. Silverback delivers unforgettable virtual reality experiences and solutions for training architecture, entertainment, and training.

To find out more of what Silverback VR can do for you, visit the company’s website and the team will work with you to build an accurate and engaging simulation to meet the needs of your unique projects.