Hats: Smithbilt Hats 🍁

Name: Smithbilt Hats, Inc.

Products: Western hats and accessories, including hat brushes, cleaning kits, and boxes

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Website: smithbilthats.com

Where to Buy: Online and at the warehouse in Calgary

Canadian Owned: Yes

Smithbilt Hats was founded in 1910 by Morris Schumiatcher. Focusing on the local market allowed him to build Smithbilt hats from the ground up. The company started with smaller-brimmed hats that were popular in Europe, but quickly switched gears to the western-style cowboy hat. In 1947, they switched gears again. The White Smithbilt hat became a popular staple in Calgary.

The heritage of the white hat is closely tied to Stampede football. The white hat became the unofficial dress code for fans at Stampeder games. The mayor of Calgary even started offering the ‘White Hat’ to visiting dignitaries, as gifts for the city’s hospitality. Today, you can find these signature hats on their online store and in the warehouse in Calgary where the hats are manufactured.

Today, Smithbilt offers customized hats alongside a variety of different styles. You can find hat bands, western fashion hats, and accessories focused on cleaning and maintaining these high-class hats.