Products: One of a kind hats

Manufactured In: Edmonton, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online

Website: thehatcircle.com/collections/unbrims

Canadian Owned: Yes

URBRIMS makes beautiful hand-made hats, that are individually numbered as they are all unique. They ship for free anywhere in the world.

URBRIMS was started as the creator’s way to get out of the house and combat isolation. When a beautiful hat is hanging on a hook there is not a better invitation to get into the world. Hats are to be worn outdoors, not indoors, therefore take a walk everyday. The destination can be to around the neighbourhood, to the park, a local cafe, the theater or farmers market.

URBRIMS will keep you healthy, active and engaged in life. URBRIMS will also take care of the obvious such as keep you warm, keep you cool and shade you from the sun.