Home Products: Spärkel 🍁

Name: Spärkel

Products: Sparkling Beverage System, Carbonators, Bottles

Manufactured In: China, Canada

Where to Buy:  Company website, various retailers

Website: sparkel.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Spärkel, which was formerly known as Bonne O, wants to challenge the dominating company in the homemade soda market, Sodastream. Since all the manufacturing is carried out in China, we wouldn’t normally include Spärkel on our list. Especially, since Bonne O became a part of the international company Spärkel.

However, since there are no other Canadian alternatives (or serious competitors to Sodastream), we have made an exception. After all, Bonne O was a Canadian startup company. Spärkel Canada has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. And in addition, by using a Spärkel carbonator you are helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste created by buying bottled sodas.