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Name: Northern Light Technologies

Products: Light Therapy

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: Can be purchased over the phone, online (Direct through NLT, Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, etc.), or in stores such as Jean-Coutu, Medicus

Website: northernlighttechnologies.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), Northern Light Technologies has Bright Light Therapy products that offer 10,000 Lux. The company makes a variety of desk, floor, and ceiling lamps aimed at treating the effects of SAD.

Northern Light Technologies was founded in 1989 and today is one of the most significant manufacturers in the field. Lights by the company have been endorsed by esteemed medical professionals in Canada, the US, and Europe. The company’s reputation is based on an innovative approach, vast experience, an excellent product line, and commitment to customer service.

Note that Northern Light Technologies also distributes products from other manufacturers not based in Canada. However, the company’s own products as marked as made in Canada.