Though we are certainly open to debate on the subject (Twitter or Facebook), these are submissions from the public that we have decided not to list at this time, and why:

  • Cervelo Bicycles: Though headquartered in Toronto, our research suggests that their bicycles are manufactured in China and they are owned by a Dutch company.
  • SAXX Underwear: A Canadian company that makes really great men’s underwear, but they do their manufacturing in China. We have listed some Canadian companies with offshore manufacturing because they have their own retail network, thus employing a bunch of Canadians beyond their head office, but as SAXX sells online and through retailers, we have chosen not to include them at this time.
  • Telecom companies: Telecom companies in Canada are required to be at least 80% owned – so while we are all for some of the little guys competing against the big incumbents, they are all Canadian.
  • Robeez: Started in Vancouver, but now owned by an Oklahoma company and produced in China.
  • Riobel: Quebec-based company selling faucets, shower heads, etc. Now owned by an American company (that also owns Moen) and their products are made in China and Taiwan.
  • Herschel Supply Co.: Headquartered in Vancouver, but manufactured in China.