Instruments: Los Cabos Drumsticks 🍁

Name: Los Cabos Drumsticks

Products: Wooden drumsticks

Manufactured In: Hanwell, New Brunswick

Where to Buy: Long & McQuade or most other music stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Los Cabos Drumsticks is located in Hanwell which is a suburb of the capital city of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Started in 2005, Los Cabos has evolved from a small family business to a company known as one of the best drumstick manufacturers in the world.

Los Cabos offers a complete line of drumsticks made with maple or white or red hickory. The maple is sourced in Canada, while the white and red hickory is imported from the US. Every dowel of wood is inspected by hand for their quality before they can be passed as suitable wood for Los Cabos drumsticks. When finished, the drumsticks are pitch paired and weight matched before they are packaged by hand.