Instruments: Riversong Guitars 🍁

Name: Riversong Guitars

Products: Guitars and ukuleles

Manufactured In: Kamloops, BC

Where to Buy: Online or from an authorised dealer


Canadian Owned: Yes

Riversong Guitars is a Canadian company run by Mike Miltimore in Kamloops, British Columbia. Mike grew up in the music business with his father. He listened, played, fixed, and built guitars for every type of guitar player. His experience with guitars led him to wonder if there was a better way to construct the instruments.

The results of his experiments to improve the construction include the patented Neck-thru design that increases the resonance of the sound by decreasing bulky bracing. The company continues to experiment and innovate to bring out the best of acoustic guitars.

You can order Riversong guitars online or through an authorised dealer. Find your nearest dealer here.