Instruments: Windward Flutes 🍁

Name: Windward Flutes Ltd

Products: High-end taper-bore wooden flutes

Manufactured In: Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Details here


Canadian Owned: Yes (Probably)

Windward Flutes started in 2001 as a small company repairing conical bore simple system wooden flutes. Forbes and Yola Christie moved operations to Nova Scotia in 2004, built a new flutemaking workshop and began developing the finely crafted Irish flutes that Windward makes today for musicians worldwide.

Together they design and manufacture their own flutes. Forbes does the machining, makes jigs and tools and carves the embouchures; Yola executes keywork and finish, makes the flute blanks, and runs production.

The aim of the company is to develop and produce consistently excellent taper-bore wooden flutes to modern tuning and in various pitches.