Jewellery: Freckle Face Jewellery 🍁

Name: Freckle Face Jewellery

Products: Fashion jewellery

Manufactured In: Bowmanville, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Freckle Face Jewellery was started by Angie Henderson in 2013. She wanted to use jewellery to inspire women to feel confident and to help them express who they are. Working initially during her free time, Angie left her job in the corporate world in 2016 to focus full time on her calling.

Angie designs and creates her jewellery in a range of styles that can be personalised to reflect your unique style. Now into the company’s second decade, Angie still loves finding new pieces to work with and trying out different designs. She uses a variety of materials including metals such as antique brass, copper, and silver, Czech glass beads, leather, wood, and gemstones.