Jewellery: Pyrrha 🍁

Name: Pyrrha

Products: Sustainable talismans, rings, earrings, and lockets

Manufactured In: Vancouver, British Columbia


Where to Buy: Pyrrha showroom in Vancouver, online

Canadian Owned: Yes

Pyrrha’s mission is to provide sustainable jewelry that directly opposes mass-produced fashion jewelry. In an industry that’s fast and disposable, they seek to provide personally meaningful keepsake jewelry. Each piece is handmade in their Vancouver studio and displayed in the attached Pyrrha showroom.

Pyrrha offers signature, unique pieces called talismans. These handmade necklaces were inspired by Victorian wax seals. They offer the same delicate beauty and imperfection that makes each piece unique. At the same time, each piece of Pyrrha jewelry is sustainably made.

Each piece of jewelry is produced with 100% recycled sterling silver, gold, or bronze. The company aims to be carbon neutral. They are a Certified B Corp business, which means that they perform at the highest level of environmental accountability. Every time their carbon footprint grows, they donate to projects that help reduce it by an equal amount.

In addition to their Vancouver showroom and tower factory, they recently opened a flagship store in West Hollywood to become an international brand.