Jewellery: Ursula Ungerleider Designs 🍁

Name: Ursula Ungerleider Designs

Products: Jewellery

Manufactured In: Ontario

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Ursula Ungerleider Designs is a Canadian company run by Ursula herself. She is a dancer and choreographer by training but comes from a long line of metalsmiths: her great-grandfather and grandfather were both ironsmiths and her mother was a welder. In addition, she has learnt stone cutting and gem faceting techniques from mentors and masters in the trade.

All jewellery made by Ursula Ungerleider Designs is available to order online from the company’s website. She also makes custom jewellery and if you are interested in a custom piece, you can fill in a form on the website and she will contact you to discuss further details.

Ursula’s journey has included a battle with her health and this has led her to donate a portion of every purchase to Children’s Cancer Fund or Breast Cancer Research.