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John Martino

We are a force of innovation, shaking up the status quo and empowering homeowners to take control of their property transactions. Our passion is to revolutionize the way real estate is done by delivering a full-service experience that is both efficient and effective. We seamlessly blend the traditional with the cutting-edge, creating a unique offering that prioritizes service over commission. We are dedicated to helping homeowners save thousands on commission while maintaining the integrity of the full-service real estate experience. Join us on our journey to challenge the norm and redefine the future of real estate.

Tell us about yourself?

Upon completing my honours degree in Biology at the University of Toronto, I felt a magnetic pull toward the dynamic realm of real estate. During my final year at university, I seized the opportunity to acquire my license, setting the stage for an immediate transition into this exhilarating field right after graduation. Over the course of a decade, my professional journey unfolded within the traditional framework of HomeLife, a full-service brokerage operating on a full commission-based model.

However, the call to address the industry’s inherent challenges resonated deeply within me. Fuelled by this conviction, I made the pivotal choice to depart from the familiarity of HomeLife. This marked the inception of New Era Real Estate—a venture born from the belief that I could play a proactive role in rectifying the industry’s shortcomings that had become apparent during my tenure with the conventional brokerage.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Continue to stay focused on the company’s core values and exceptional service. Changing an established industry takes time.

New Era Real Estate

What problem does your business solve?

New Era Real Estate solves the problem of excessive commission for full-service real estate.

The three main ways we differentiate ourselves from others are:

  1. The most obvious, full-service real estate for a flat fee instead of the common 2.5 to five per cent commission.
  2. We do not lock our clients into contracts. They are free to cancel anytime for any reason, and there are no fees or penalties if they decide to do so.
  3. If we sell your home to an unrepresented buyer, meaning there is no buyer’s agent involved in the transaction, then we will completely waive the cooperating commission as opposed to pocketing it for ourselves like the majority of other companies.

Moreover, we’ve innovated with our proprietary technology: the “homeowner’s personal portal.” This dynamic platform empowers our sellers with real-time visibility into every aspect of their property’s sale, enabling them to monitor and engage proactively throughout the process. At New Era Real Estate, we not only redefine the business model, but we also empower our clients with transparency, freedom, and ethical integrity.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The inception of New Era Real Estate was driven by my discomfort with the practice of imposing a five per cent charge for home sales, particularly as property prices gained momentum while the efforts exerted remained unchanged. The question loomed large: Why should agents receive an increased compensation when the price surge primarily stemmed from inflation rather than any additional contributions made by agents or the industry as a whole? The notion of burdening sellers with exorbitant commissions felt inherently unjust.

My vision was to create something distinct, an antidote to what I perceived as an antiquated industry. In this new paradigm, individuals would still benefit from comprehensive services, yet under the banner of a just and fixed fee structure.

New Era Real Estate

What is your magic sauce?

  • Clear Flat Fee Full Service: Unlike the prevalent 2.5 to five per cent commission structure, we stand out by offering a straightforward flat fee for comprehensive real estate services.
  • Contract Flexibility: We grant our clients the freedom to cancel at any time, unencumbered by contracts. No fees or penalties are imposed for such decisions, fostering a relationship built on trust and flexibility.
  • Ethical Transaction Approach: In cases where we facilitate the sale of your home to an unrepresented buyer, we choose integrity over profit. Rather than keeping the buyer’s agent commission for ourselves, we completely waive it, setting us apart from the majority and saving you even more.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

We plan on continuing to correct a dated industry through maintaining the integrity of full-service real estate for a fair flat fee of $5,900. We will advance our reach and bring New Era Real Estate to other locations.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Our largest challenge was convincing people we were not too good to be true. In a landscape where many companies make impressive claims but fail to deliver, our task was to demonstrate to the public that we truly lived up to our promises. We embraced this challenge because we recognized that challenging the norm is always a tough endeavour. However, it was essential to instigate change in an outdated industry.

How can people get involved?

For those seeking to buy or sell property, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email at any time. Our team of brokers is readily available to engage in conversations about your preferences and requirements.