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Keren Moynihan

Boss Insights provides global leading access to business customers’ financial data with a single connection to accounting, commerce, banking payroll, tax and more (i.e. Quickbooks, Stripe, SalesForce, etc.). It’s used by fintechs and neobanks to gain 51% faster decisioning, 5x faster renewals, 100% automated scoring and 60% cost savings.

Boss Insights’ vision is to empower financial institutions with fintech’s latest, so they can delight their SMB customers with personalized services. With global leading access to private business financial data, FIs & Fintechs can personalize their offerings to the underserved SMB/Commercial business market. FIs utilize the award-winning, global-leading API for accounting/sales/banking data & more and a platform to originate/decision/renew requests to outperform in the market.

Tell us about yourself?

Former commercial banker and second-time founder, Keren Moynihan is the CEO of Boss Insights. With 15+ years of experience in financial services as a banker, advisor and mentor, she’s built Boss Insights to provide fintechs, private & traditional lenders with their business clients’ financial data … in minutes. With the broadest coverage of accounting, commerce, payroll and tax data and a seamless portal that serves fintechs, private lenders and financial institutions, Boss Insights has earned media coverage by American Banker, Forbes, Bank Innovation, Open Finance World and The Financial Brand for saying that “Banks Must Adopt APIs or Fintechs Will Win.” Boss Insights has won multiple awards including: Money 2020 Rise Up, CB Insights’ Top 35 Future in Fintech, Corporate LiveWire’s 2021 Lending Technologist Of The Year, Open Banking Excellence’s 2020 SME Award, 2020 Women In Payments’ Unicorn Challenge, Corporate Vision’s Most Innovative Leader In Lending Technology & Canadian Lenders Association’s 2019 Executive Leader In Lending.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

The advice I would give is “Stop and smell the roses.”

What problem does your business solve?

Boss Insights Company Insights
Company Insights with Boss Insights

Although it’s 2022, serving businesses with various financial services is still largely manual, making it costly, risky & timely. What’s new is that with the advent of fintechs, business owners’ expectations are increasing. Service providers looking to complete can no longer collect financial information by having customers manually fill in forms & PDF scans while businesses share this financial information via email. It’s frustrating & resource-intensive for both the businesses & the lender. For service providers looking to compete in the market, Boss Insights offers an instant solution to gather the global leading source of business financial data (accounting, sales, banking), score it and offer a rules-based engine to suggest product offerings.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

Smarter Loans’ 2022 study found that SMBs remain underserved. It’s because it costs just as much to serve businesses looking for $25 million as it does a $250k loan.

Boss Insights is a Tech-meets-Fin story: Luke Moynihan, scaling Amazon, democratized data access. Former commercial banker, Keren Moynihan, working with businesses, saw a manual process. Boss Insights offers global-leading access to SMBs’ financial data & portals to originate/decision/monitor requests.

500,000 businesses were registered last year, and they cannot secure financing or other banking services easily. This is a drastic increase from the previous growth rate from 200,000 to 300,000 in the decade before 2020. These businesses cannot get served by the traditional market. As it is, businesses have a difficult time getting served in the market. If they are in any way different the chance of businesses getting access to loans or other services decreases.

The current market expects businesses to know the product they want, and come prepared with documents each and every time it’s requested. Boss Insights empowers financial service providers to get access to a platform with global leading access to financial data and the ability to originate, decision and monitor requests. It enables service providers to be able to offer personalized, data-driven services scalable and allows businesses to be measured on their data.

What is your magic sauce?

Boss Insights Cloud API
Boss Insights Cloud API

Boss Insights provides global leading access to business customers’ financial data with a single connection to accounting, commerce, banking, payroll, tax & more (i.e. Quickbooks, Stripe, SalesForce, etc.). It’s used by fintechs and financial institutions to gain 36% faster funding, 5x faster monitoring & 60% cost savings. We have 2 main products:

  1. Accounting, banking commerce, payroll, tax data & more
  2. Portals to originate, decision & renew your business customers’ needs

In a market of data aggregators – Boss Insights has global leading access to APIs that we built (1000+ to the industries 3-100+). In addition, we built an API development engine which allows us to add APIs as required by the industry. Lastly, we are an aggregator of other API aggregators. That means that if other data is required, we can easily connect to provide a complete solution. Here’s what that means from a practical perspective:

  1. Global leading: If an FI needs accounting, sales and banking data, Boss Insights can provide it with a single API
  2. API development engine: If new data sources (i.e. Amazon) are required, we can add them in days/weeks.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Currently, Boss Insights works with fintechs, private lenders and financial institutions. In the future, we will go to adjacent industries (eg. Insurance, Banking, Brokerage, Fintech, & E-Com/POS). We also hope to advance our product offerings by having an enhanced portal and an AI forecasting engine.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The biggest challenge we have faced so far is having so much to do and so little time.

How can people get involved?

Boss Insights is an award-winning global leader in open banking, linking fintech and financial institutions to their small and medium-sized business clients’ financial accounting, commerce/sales, banking, payroll, and tax data in minutes. In an industry that needs speed and access to real-time data, Boss Insights empowers fintech, private lenders, and financial institutions to serve their business customers. In addition to data from the likes of QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, Square, Shopify, Amazon, and more, Boss Insights provides portals to originate, decision, and service fintechs and financial institutions. For more information, visit

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