Laundry/Cleaning/Dishwashing: Down East Cleaning Products 🍁

Name: Down East Cleaning Products

Products: Household cleaning products

Manufactured In: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: Atlantic Superstore, Co-op Atlantic, eastern Sobey’s, and local health food or specialty stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

DOWN EAST® Cleaning Products has been making natural cleaning products since 1992. The products are non-toxic, have a low environmental impact, and are suitable for use by most people with allergies and sensitivities. All ingredients used are hypoallergenic and wherever possible, plant-based or prepared from natural minerals.

DOWN EAST® Cleaning Products have a tradition of environmental and health excellence. In 1996, they were the first cleaning products to obtain EcoLogo certification. The products are very effective and meet the needs of even the most discerning consumers. The products range from laundry detergents and dishwashing liquids to products for cleaning hard surfaces.