Laundry/Cleaning: Eco-Max 🍁

Name: Eco-Max

Products: Cleaning products including carpet cleaners, dish soaps, and laundry detergents

Manufactured In: Mississauga, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online, major grocery stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Eco-Max is a range of cleaning products that are safe for people, pets, and the environment. The products are made by Prism Care Corporation, a Canadian family-owned company founded in April 1999. The company’s mission is to create toxic-free cleaning products that utilise plant-based, sustainable raw materials.

Eco-Max products were first developed for commercial and industrial use, but following widespread interest, in 2007, the company released Eco-Max cleaning products for household use. From carefully sourced ingredients to environmentally-friendly packaging, the company is committed to sustainable practices and creating cleaning products that are gentle on us and our planet.

You can buy Eco-Max products directly from the company website or a range of retailers across the country. You will find a list of retailers here.