Women’s Clothing: One 2 One Lingerie ๐Ÿ

Name:ย One 2 One Lingerie

Products: Panties, bras, camisoles, chemises, briefs, shapewear

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: Online

Website: one2onelingerie.com

Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Formed in 1998, One 2 One took a detour to make PPE during the height of the pandemic, but is back to making beautiful lingerie from their factory in Montreal. Fabrics are sourced from around the world and made into some surprisingly-priced fashions.

Clothing: Ideal North ๐Ÿ

Name: Ideal North

Products:ย Knitwear, scarves, toques, shawls, sweaters, bags

Manufactured In: Quebec

Where to buy: Tourist destinations, Online

Website:ย www.idealnorth.com

Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Ideal North produces a large variety of knitted products. Their goal is to represent the majesty of Canada through the quality of their clothing. As they say themselves, “we knit the Canadian experience”.

Snacks: PRANA ๐Ÿ

Name:ย PRANA Biovegan

Products: Healthy snacks

Manufactured In: Saint-Laurent, Quebec

Where to buy: Online and stores across the country

Website: Pranasnacks.com: Save $15 on all orders of $100 or more with code 15PRANA100

Canadian Owned:ย Yes

PRANA got its start in 2005, roasting nuts in the kitchen of one founder’s mom, and has since grown into a company with nearly 100 employees, selling a variety of products across the country and internationally.

They focus on organic, vegan, sustainable snacks, doing their best to minimize their environmental impact while also being a force for positive social change. They are a certified B Corp, recognizing companies who have a positive impact on the environment, customers, community and employees.

Most of their products are made in Quebec, but some are sourced from outside the country. They readily provide this information online in the descriptions of their products.

Note: The above link is an affiliate link.


Women’s Clothing: Birds of North America ๐Ÿ

Name: Birds of North America

Products: Women’s clothing

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: Online and stockists across much of Canada

Website: birdsofnorthamerica.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Designer Haylea Gibson started her clothing line in 2007 in BC, before moving to Montreal to be closer to the heart of the garment manufacturing industry in Canada. She now lives in Toronto, but the manufacturing continues to take place in Montreal.

Birds of North America features a wide range of dresses, skirts, shorts, pants and other garments, all ethically-made from high quality material and available in sizes 2 through 18.

Home Products: Colorantic Furniture Paint ๐Ÿ

Name:ย Colorantic

Products:ย Chalk-based furniture paint

Manufactured In: Victoriaville, Quebec

Where to buy:ย Online or retailers

Website: colorantic.com

Canadian Owned:ย Yes

If you’re looking to get an amazing vintage look on your furniture or home decor, chalk-based paint is the way to go. Colorantic makes a variety of paints which are eco-friendly, low odour, non-toxic, kid friendly and made with 100% Canadian ingredients. Buy more than $50 of product and they’ll even give you a free face mask!

Reno/Builders: Giant ๐Ÿ

Name: Giant

Products: Water heaters

Manufactured In: Montreal, QC

Where to Buy: Canac, Rona & Reno-Depot

Website:ย giantinc.com

Canadian Owned:ย Yes

The Giant line of water heaters (tanks and tankless models, electric, natural gas, propane available) is made in Montreal at Usines Giant Inc, the only water heater manufacturer operating in Canada. A family business since 1945, the company has two factories equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and more than 300 dedicated and passionate employees. Its continuous improvement processes guarantee constant innovation and quality products at a competitive price.

Women’s Clothing: Dexim Golfwear ๐Ÿ

Name: Dexim Golfwear

Products: Golf Dresses, Polos, Skorts

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: Golf courses in Canada

Website: deximgolfwear.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

As we write this in October 2020, we acknowledge that we at MiC are not always masters of good timing. With winter approaching, you might not have golf clothing on your mind, but maybe think about Christmas shopping?

Dexim makes golf dresses, polos and skorts in all sizes with top-quality fabrics.

Food: Stefano Faita ๐Ÿ

Name:ย Stefano Faita

Products:ย Tomato sauces, frozen pizza, sausages

Manufactured In:ย Montreal (?), Quebec

Where to buy:ย Various retailers

Website:ย stefanofaita.com

Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Stefano Faita is a celebrity chef in Quebec, that is known for his show Arrive en Campgane, as well as an author of 3 best selling cookbooks and the owner of 4 restaurants in Montreal. He has launched a variety of products across Canada and his sauce is also available in Texas, of all places.

Reno/Builders: Building Products of Canada ๐Ÿ

Name:ย Building Products of Canada

Products:ย Roofing and wall systems

Manufactured In:ย Edmonton, Alberta; LaSalle, Quebec; Pont-Rouge, Quebec

Where to buy:ย Network of dealers

Website:ย bpcan.com

Canadian Owned:ย Yes

It’s summer 2020 – the roof of MiC HQ is looking a little disheveled. Time for a replacement – and we put our money where our mouth is, choosing BP Mystique 42 shingles and the Weather-Tite roofing system. Their Weather-Tite system comes with a limited lifetime warranty for amazing peace of mind (and can be transferred if you sell your house!).

They also manufacture acoustic tiles and insulation panels. If you’re in the market, check them out. Their products are very cost-effective and look great!

Women’s Clothing: ARIANNE๐Ÿ


Products:ย Skirts, dresses, tops, loungewear, lingerie, robes

Manufactured In:ย Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy:ย Online, various retailers and department stores

Website:ย collectionarianne.ca

Canadian Owned:ย Yes

Operating out of Montreal since 1947, ARIANNE is a women’s clothing line that produces a wide array of high quality designs. They can be ordered online, or found at various retailers around North America (according to their website).