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Marcos 'Macky' Bordeos

McCare provides high-quality healthcare and complementary services across Canada and the United States.

We have a passionate team that is particularly excited about our contingency staffing services and long-term care staffing solutions, which we’ve been expanding over time. Our customizable services are designed to meet the unique needs of each client rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Since our founding in 2014, we have grown to become a multi-service healthcare agency with over 1,600 healthcare professionals on staff, including Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Healthcare Aides.

Our team is highly qualified and dedicated to providing the best possible care to our clients. We take pride in our specialized expertise and promote our distinct brand to clients, partners, and members of the community.

We take pride in our diverse team of nurses, covering various specialty areas such as ER, ICU, Medical, Surgical, Operating Room, Obstetrics, Dialysis, Long Term Care, Pediatrics, and Rehabilitation.

Each client receives unique and compassionate care from our experts. We constantly improve and expand our services to meet evolving needs. We work with each client uniquely and aim to deliver compassionate care and exceptional service. We are always improving and expanding our services to better meet our clients’ needs.

Tell us about yourself?

A Nurse Entrepreneur and is the founder of McCare Global Healthcare Services Inc., Canada and U.S., McCare Global Immigration Services Inc. in Canada, and McCare Global Consulting Inc. in the Philippines.

I am an internationally educated nurse from the Philippines. I started my career in North America in 2008 in the small town of Ashern, Manitoba, Canada. I have been an ER/ICU Nurse Traveler for 11 years and a nurse for 21 years in different parts of the world, including South East Asia, the Middle East, and North America, and I have worked in multiple specialties, including as Flight Nurse, Med-Surg, Operating Room Nurse, Clinical Instructor, Critical Care, Remote Nursing, and Nurse Manager.

I also graduated with a diploma in Accredited Immigration Consultant with Honors in 2019 at Herzing College and am a practicing Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). I am also a member in good standing with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC).

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Stay the course. Keep what you have done, don’t change anything. Through your hardship, challenges, and mistakes, you have learned, are able to cope, and you have found what is important in running a business. You were able to find the right way, as you didn’t stop finding solutions to those mistakes. What is important is how you rise up from those mistakes.

What problem does your business solve?

McCare Global Healthcare

Across Canada and the U.S., the healthcare system has become overwhelmed; The solution lies with McCare Global and its workforce.

We send our agile workforce of nurses and healthcare aides to relieve the mounting pressure of our clients’ facilities’ staffing shortages. We go above and beyond, as our workforce receives special education through our training centres, designed to help them elevate their skills and knowledge in Canadian and American medical practices, ensuring our team has expertise in the fields our client’s facility requires. Additionally, we provide immigration support services for internationally educated healthcare professionals to bolster the hospital’s workforce with talent from all over the world.

We assist internationally educated nurses and healthcare aides, as one of McCare Global’s missions is to eliminate the challenges that international healthcare professionals often face when immigrating to Canada.

Our programming is designed to not only assist internationally educated nurses and healthcare aides through the process of immigration but to also integrate them into the Canadian healthcare system – substantially reducing their career downtime.

From start to finish, McCare consults help process healthcare workers’ immigration status in Canada. We also offer training services that help internationally educated healthcare professionals learn the nuances of Canadian medical practices, preparing them to join the workforce with McCare on their side.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

When I started working in Canada in 2008, our small hospital was already short of nurses. We had Nurse Travellers to fill in the shortage. Then, after two years, I started working as Travel Nurse with multiple agencies. I have learned the diversity of the business and fully understand the healthcare manpower business and its market dynamics. I have seen the big discrepancies in the wages of different companies. When I started my own Nursing Agency, I made sure that the wages were very competitive and that they were worth what nurses do. Through McCare, we were able to fill in the shortage of Healthcare Professionals in other hospitals and long-term facilities in Western Canada and NWT.

I have also seen the challenges of internationally educated nurses transitioning to becoming Registered Nurses (RN) in Canada. So, I created an additional department (or business) like an Immigration and Training Center that can assist them in navigating their careers as RNs. Some of the nurses that we assisted have stayed with us and now work for the company.

What is your magic sauce?

Prioritize being a blessing to others, and blessings will naturally follow. Your focus should be on helping people rather than solely seeking financial gain. As a nurse, you understand the challenges of the profession. Having experienced unfair compensation in the past, you ensure competitive pay for your team while maintaining sustainable margins. Additionally, you invest in the career development of your workers through specialized education offered by your training center.

In addition, transparency, accountability, reliability, honesty, and compliance are some important ingredients in the magic sauce for you to stay longer and be successful in this industry. These are the important principles that we carry in our company. I agree with the written report of the CBC, that “due to the high demand of nurses and no regulation in this sector there are some predatory agencies that have popped up in the recent years. These predatory agencies charged high rates and took large cuts of workers’ wages.” I also have seen that they are not compliant with the standards required by the hospitals and/or facilities, as they send Healthcare professionals that don’t have the training, certification, and experience that matches the open needs.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

The healthcare system is strained, and we are not training enough skilled experts to keep up with demand. Our vision for the next five years is to actively increase immigration and expand our workforce. We aim to create a welcoming environment that attracts talented healthcare workers from diverse backgrounds to join our organization.

By doing so, we seek to enhance our capabilities, broaden our perspectives, and foster a rich and inclusive work culture. This expansion will enable us to better serve our clients and meet the evolving demands of our industry. We are committed to providing opportunities for growth and development to our expanded workforce, ensuring that they thrive both personally and professionally within our organization.

Further, we want to expand farther in North America and hopefully beyond. We are a global operation and want to offer a richer variety of services across the world than we are currently.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

There is a misconception in supply and demand in the public sector. With the help of companies like ours, we are increasing the total hours of nursing available to the market rather than draining the system. We are a true believer of win-win solutions, and as a result we work really hard to ensure our clients can see our vision of what we can offer.

The challenge in thinking outside the box often comes with having to redefine expectations, realities, and possibilities. In more than one occasion we have pitched ideas to our partners, to be rejected at first, but over the course of the next year or so, they buy into the upsides and we can pick up where we left off. In a sense, it can be frustrating in seeing the potential of a project be delayed or unmet, but ultimately it takes longer for certain stakeholders to come around.

How can people get involved?

If you are a privately or publicly owned hospital, Long-term Care facility, or Home Care, our team can provide you customizable services that are designed to meet your unique needs. You can check out our website for Canada for US. You can also email us at, call 204-480-4086.