Mattresses: Marshall Mattress

Name: Marshall Mattress

Products: Pocket spring mattresses

Manufactured In: Aurora, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and in small mattress stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.


Canadian Owned: No

James Marshall, the founder of Marshall Mattress, had the idea for pocket coil springs in 1899. The idea was patented in 1900, and the Marshall coil was born. This coil design became the worldwide standard at the beginning of the 20th century. This humble, Ontario-born company went on to open factories around the world, creating luxury mattresses throughout the 40s and 50s.

This innovative mattress company is still producing quality mattresses today. They use locally sourced lumber and fibers as well as patented coil technology to create the best possible night of sleep. Each mattress uses a custom-woven damask that is Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certified for environmentally conscious users. Each part of each mattress carries a prestigious certification that ensures a quality mattress.

Scraps and leftover materials are recycled as well! Today, you can purchase from a selection of 9 different mattresses, separated into three collections. Each is made with these luxury-grade materials. There is firmness and construction to suit everyone.