Men’s/Women’s Clothing: King Athletics 🍁

Name: King Athletics

Products: Apparel, T-shirt, Sweaters

Manufactured In: Ajax and Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Calgary, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online, distributors


Canadian Owned: Yes

King Athletics is a Canadian company based in Calgary that has been producing sportswear in Canada since 2007. With mass-produced garments, it can be difficult to find clothing that are 100% Canadian-made, but with King Athletics, you can be certain you are buying Canadian athletic wear.

The garments by King Athletics are made in several stages in different locations in Canada: Ajax and Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; and Calgary, Alberta. The cotton is sourced from the US because it does not grow in the Canadian climate.

While most of King Athletics clothing is made for wholesale, the company also sells direct to consumers through its website.