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Mike Bradley

Clik2pay is a payments company. We are the first in Canada to deliver real-time payments to businesses that are completed easily and securely, directly from the customer’s bank account. Clik2pay via Interac® allows Canadians to pay direct-from-account, so they don’t need to rely on credit cards when paying a bill or invoice, shopping online, or making payments on the go.

Tell us about yourself?

My career began within the banks in the early days of debit card roll-out and Internet banking. I led the product team at Visa for about 10 years in Canada. After decades of helping big companies innovate in card payments, I was ready to help change the game. In 2019, I gathered a group from across the payments industry, and we came together with a common vision: to improve payments for businesses and their customers.

What problem does your business solve?

While over 40 per cent of Canadians love using debit and prefer using it in-store, it is very difficult to pay from your bank account in other situations. I can’t easily use a debit card online or over the phone, for example. This poor customer experience leads to lost sales, frustration, and increased business costs.

Credit cards are also very expensive. They can cost businesses up to 100 times more than the same in-store purchase with a debit card. Canadian businesses spend over $10 billion on credit card acceptance costs each year. So we give businesses more choices.

Clik2pay uses text messaging, QR codes, and payment links to allow any customer to easily pay at any time – all within your online or mobile banking. We like to say if you can text, then you can Clik2pay!

With Clik2pay, businesses lower their costs, reach more customers, and improve customer satisfaction. And customers get the option to pay directly from their account in a safe, easy and familiar way.

What is the inspiration for your business?

In 2020, there were over 5 billion Interac® debit card transactions in-store, but options to pay by debit have been largely unavailable or unreliable online or over the phone – until now. With Clik2pay, Canadians can pay by ‘debit’ at any time by selecting the Clik2pay button at checkout or through a Clik2pay QR code or link.

Anyone with a bank account can use Clik2pay – there is no customer sign-up required! To pay, simply ‘click’ the Clik2pay link and login into your bank account through your own banking app so it is completely secure, then review and approve the payment.

What is your magic sauce? How are you different?

With Clik2pay, businesses can save up to 50 per cent versus credit cards with no hidden fees, confusing charges, or sneaky pricing plans. Additionally, by offering a direct-from-account payment option, businesses can reach millions more Canadians who prefer to pay from their bank account or do not have access to credit.

What is the plan for the next five years?

We are working with some of the biggest companies in Canada to roll out Clik2pay to their customers. Clik2pay is being used as a payment option for e-bills and payment reminders, an online payment option, and as a small business service for banks. We want to continue to grow these opportunities!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Time! Working with big companies is rewarding, but with startups, it is always about speed and agility! But we love our customers and, our team knows what it takes – so we will keep at it!

How can people get involved?

Canadians can learn more about Clik2pay at