Miscellaneous: ArtFORMS 🍁

Name: ArtFORMS

Products: Architectural concrete bases

Manufactured In: Uxbridge, Ontario

Where to Buy: Contact the company directly

Website: artformsconcretebases.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

ArtFORMS® International Inc. is a Canadian, privately owned and operated company that was founded in 1992. The company has its headquarters in Uxbridge, Ontario, near Toronto. ArtFORMS is the originator and the exclusive supplier of the original concept of ArtFORMS® Concrete Forms.

The concrete bases by ArtFORMS are cast with ready-mix concrete on the job site. Applications for concrete bases include floodlights, lighting bollards, flagpoles, signposts, driveway lamp posts, and many more. Since its foundation in 1992, over 90,000 ArtFORMS® site lighting pole bases have been installed across North America.

Visit the company website for more detailed information on the services offered and to get a quote.