Miscellaneous: Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendars 🍁

Name: Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendars

Products: Hockey-themed calendar

Manufactured In: Red Deer, Alberta

Where to buy: Call or send a message via website to set up a fundraiser

Website: hockeyspirit.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendars is a company that provides people who wish to sell calendars to fundraise money, for example, for their sports team, with the calendars. You sell the calendars for $20 and get to keep $10 for your fundraising cause. There is free delivery on orders for more than 35 boxes of calendars.

At the time of writing (6.2.2024), most of the information on the company website was not available. We have not been able to confirm whether this is because of a website update or because the company is no longer in operation.