Miscellaneous: Larsen & Shaw 🍁

Name: Larsen & Shaw Limited

Products: Hinges

Manufactured In: Walkerton, Ontario

Where to Buy: By requesting a quote from the company website

Website: larsenhinge.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Larsen and Shaw is a Canadian family-owned business that has been manufacturing hinges and precision custom hardware since 1919. The company is a leading hinge manufacturer in Canada and produces custom hinges, architectural hinges, and standard continuous hinges as well as other metal hardware.

Larsen and Shaw manufacture hinges and hardware for residential, industrial, and commercial use at their facility in Walkerton, Ontario. The company employs an in-house team of engineers and has state-of-the-art systems and plating equipment to ensure the quality of their products. You can order hinges and other products from Larsen and Shaw by requesting a quote on their website.