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Nauman Jaffar

SenSights.AI is an aging-in-place remote monitoring platform focused on older adults and helps reduce social isolation while providing 24/7 monitoring via ambient/passive monitoring.

More specifically – we help solve the problem of undetected falls and wellness monitoring in seniors by offering the only state-of-the-art passive monitoring devices where the senior/patient does not have to wear/charge anything (THE ONLY ONE IN NORTH AMERICA). This improves compliance and patient engagement by 100 per cent.

Today, what we are offering:

  • passive monitoring to increase compliance with patients/seniors
  • touchless fall detection (no camera, no wearable)
  • contactless wellness monitoring (no medical device required to measure vital signs)
  • revenue sharing revenue model and white labelling options we implement with regional players like yourself (20 per cent of revenue goes to your company)
  • And much more

The platform provides important real-time details about health informatics using a mobile or desktop app, offering 24/7 remote monitoring, alerts, location updates, touchless fall detection, audio and video calls, and virtual integration with EMR/EHR combined with connectivity to Bluetooth FDA/Health devices.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Nauman Jaffar. I’m a technology marketing and digital transformation consultant and passionate entrepreneur. I have an engineering background coupled with an MBA and experience working in four different countries for such companies as Telus, PwC Canada, Shell, and Siemens. During my career, I managed product portfolios within a $1.5 Bill Business/Enterprise segment with responsibility for new product development, management and take to market in the Mobility, IoT, Big Data, Fixed Mobile Convergence, and Security and Digital space. I have a passion for technology and am interested in helping commercialize technology products in the B2B/SME space. Over the last years, I have launched 10 plus startups in healthcare, Telco, and Saas Tech, and I managed 50 plus healthcare AI and tech projects. The latest digital health start-ups I have been working on as a founder are YourDoctorsOnline (evaluated $20 Million), MarkiTech.AI (Evaluated $20 Million), SenSights.AI, and

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

I would share with myself two thoughts. Being right is not always a win. And, the second one is that what you think is right for the business or for others not necessarily is. Be open, responsive, and flexible.

What problem does your business solve?


SenSights.AI helps improve healthcare outcomes, increase caregiver capacity, reduce costs and increase revenue, avoid wandering, and, most importantly, detect fall episodes (and soon predict) by offering proactive monitoring and risk profiles along with smart alerts through our SenSightsCare app

What is the inspiration behind your business?

My vision is to use the latest digital and technology trends to improve the lives of people, productivity within businesses, reduce expenses, and avoid risk. This desire also comes from my personal experience. Countless avoidable experiences in healthcare like the misdiagnosis of my aunt, wandering of my son, and falling episodes with my father, have driven me to make a difference in the industry utilizing my experience in technology and business. My vision and my personal experiences motivated me to launch my own startups and projects.

SenSights.AI, Remote Patient Monitoring platform primarily helps seniors with chronic conditions and healthcare providers taking care of them.

  1. Improved quality of care for seniors – support through SenSights Care(fall detection alerts, 24/7 physician and caregiver support)
  2. Improve quality of life for informal caregivers – (stay informed about the health of their loved ones)
  3. Overcome nurse shortage by making them more productive/efficient – (centralized dashboard to keep an eye on the health scores of all the
    patients, remote monitoring will help them save time and work efficiently)
  4. Reduce Emergency Visits and Readmissions
  5. Increase labour efficiency and care capacity for healthcare organizations
  6. Increase revenue of healthcare providers with our revenue sharing model
  7. Increase patient compliance
  8. Prevent disease progression and costs associated with its treatment

What is your magic sauce?

We offer a complete telehealth solution, certified by OTN, backed by the health-focused IT team. Our solution offers more features, quicker implementation, customized solutions, and flexible pricing model, and it is more affordable due to less overheads.

We offer contactless vitals reading using facial camera technology powered by AI and machine learning, no wearables needed. The other key differentiator is our touchless fall detection which detects falls without any cameras or wearables simply using 4D imaging technology, radar on a chip. We also have strong partnerships and collaborations with 247 Health Club, AXIA Tel, Queen’s University, doctors and therapists in Canada and US.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

We exist to solve real healthcare problems with technology and make solutions that are simple, affordable, and convenient to use with special focus on helping older adults age in place.

Our vision is to become a leading provider of Emerging Technology Solutions in our key markets through innovation – we will continue to change healthcare one project at a time and a laser focus on the age tech industry.

In January, we are launching our Prick-Less Diabetes Monitoring & On-Call Vitals Monitoring where doctors can measure their patients vital signs during the telehealth visit. The launch will take place at the CES Conference in Las Vegas, U.S.

Next 5 years:
Develop highly successful leading three digital health products in the world with laser focus on age-tech developing technology for the senior’s market. Increase market share in Canada. Expand in the U.S. states we are not present in. Currently, we are present in Arizona and California. Get FDA approval for Contactless Vitals Scanning, currently Wellness Solution

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

My biggest challenge was to face my own fears and anxiety and change my mindset to take risks and start my own business. I used to overanalyze the situations and control everything but it was hindering my professional and personal growth. The books ‘Power of Now’ and ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ helped me to shift my paradigm and unlock my potential.

How can people get involved?

SenSights.AI platform delivers a remote patient monitoring solution with enhanced safety features focused on the senior population with chronic, acute health problems, providing telehealth and virtual care. It is a very comprehensive solution that allows an entity to converge into one solution seniors’ needs like:

  •  TeleHealth and Remote Monitoring
  • Chronic and Cognitive Care Management
  • Aging in place
  • Hospital at home
  • Community Living
  • Behavioral and Population Health
  • Personal emergency response

Our solutions can benefit healthcare providers, physicians, skilled nursing, PACE, long-term senior care entities, living communities, and home health providers to increase their capacity by complementing physical visits with virtual care, increase revenue, and efficiency. It also helps avoid wandering and, most importantly, detecting falls (and soon predict) episodes by offering proactive monitoring and risk profiles along with smart alerts through our SenSightsCare app.