Outdoors: Campion Marine 🍁

Name: Campion Marine

Products: Powerboats

Manufactured In: Kelowna, BC

Where to Buy: Dealers across the country

Website: campionboats.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Campion is a Canadian company that has been building quality boats for almost 50 years. It is the largest independent fiberglass boat builder in Canada, which enables it to listen to its customers and allows it the freedom to design and deliver boats the customers truly want. Campion can give you a choice because they not only have the freedom, but also the expertise to build innovation into each boat.

Having been in the business for almost half a century, Campion still has the same goal: to design and build innovative boats of tomorrow to be enjoyed today. Campion partners with some of the best engine manufacturers and marine parts suppliers to ensure the optimal functioning of their boats.