Outdoors: GV Snowshoes 🍁

Name: GV

Products: Snowshoes

Manufactured In: Quebec

Where to Buy: Online or from various retailers

Website: gvsnowshoes.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

GV Snowshoes, located in Quebec and established in 1959, is the largest manufacturer of snowshoes in North America. It is also the only snowshoe manufacturer in the world that produces all types of snowshoes available, including traditional wooden snowshoes and cutting-edge aluminum snowshoes. It has a tradition of excellence linked to its indigenous roots combined with technological know-how.

With over fifty years of knowledge and a reputation for excellence in manufacturing and service, GV now operates a complex of three factories with a total of 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Its snowshoes are exported to over fifteen countries on three continents.