Outdoors: SkyShed Pod 🍁

Name: SkyShed Pod

Products: Astronomical observatories

Manufactured In: Shallow Lake, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online or retailers

Website: skyshedpod.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

SkyShed Pod allows amateur astronomers to leave their gear set up inside these personal observatories, maximizing the time they can spend observing the skies. Considering the amount of money you can spend on a decent telescope & gear, adding something like a SkyShed Pod may well be worth the investment.

SkyShed has been building observatories since 2003. The headquarters of SkyShed are near Dublin, Ontario. The company offers building plans for the Roll Off SkySheds which can be built by anyone with some DIY experience. SkyShed also has observatories that can house larger telescopes, which are perfect, for example, for schools or astronomy clubs.

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