Outdoors: Wood Stove Pools Inc. 🍁

Name: Wood Stove Pools Inc.

Products: Wood burning pool heaters, pizza ovens, hot tubs and saunas

Manufactured In: Bolton and Owen Sound, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website

Website: woodstovepools.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Wood Stove Pools, also known as WSP, manufactures 5 sizes of wood burning pool heaters tailored to your pool size: Silver Barrel (Mini), Silverdome (Lg), Pizza Silverdome (Lg+), Megadome (XL), & Pizza Megadome (XL+).  WSP has taken its already proven heat exchanger design & combined it with a patent- pending wood burning pool heater combined with a wood burning pizza oven.  They claim it is the most cost-effective way to heat your pool on the market today!  If you have a property that produces yard waste (wood) this is the best way to dispose of it while also heating your pool.

They’ve also added saunas and stainless steel hot tubs into the mix, combining their heat exchanger technology in innovative new ways. Tell me the sauna and hot tub wouldn’t be perfect for your cottage.

If you burn wood to heat your home, order an extra bush cord per year to economically heat your pool. Depending on your climate, 1-2 bush cords is more than enough wood to heat your pool from May to October (typical Canadian climate). By owning one of WSP’s wood burning pool heaters you will have paid for your investment in two pool seasons just from the money you would have spent on propane or gas.

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