Personal Care: Harlow Skin Care 🍁

Name: Harlow Skin Care

Products: Personal Care – Skin Care/Body Care

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Variety of retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Harlow is a Canadian company founded by Chrystal Macleod. It is based in Vancouver, British Columbia where all the skin and body care products are made. Chrystal got the idea for the company when she wanted a simple to use, thoughtfully and aesthetically designed skin care product.

Each of Harlow’s products contains under twelve ingredients and the company only uses pure and whole raw ingredients. All of the ingredients are responsibly sourced and whenever possible, from social enterprises such as Hives for Humanity.

Harlow’s products are available from a range of retailers. You can also shop on the company’s website or visit the atelier in Vancouver.