Personal Care: Jouviance 🍁

Name: Jouviance

Products: Skincare

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: Online and in-store


Canadian Owned: Yes

Jouviance is a Canadian skincare brand founded by Dr. Sylvestre in 2003, a leading Canadian dermatologist. He could not find the right products to recommend to his clients that were gentle on the skin, free of irritants and fillers, and contained ingredients that offered anti-aging benefits.

To create the Jouviance products, Dr. Sylvestre partnered with Roger Southin, a biochemist. The products created by the duo used simple formulas with no unnecessary colours, preservatives, and chemicals that could irritate the skin. Jouviance was the first North American brand to use peptides to target declining collagen.

You can order Jouviance products online or find them in a range of stores.