Personal Care: Nezza Naturals 🍁

Name: Nezza Naturals

Products: Soaps, cleaners, and other personal care products (some pet products too)

Manufactured In: Victoria, BC

Where to Buy: Company website and store in Victoria


Canadian Owned: Yes

Nezza Naturals was co-founded by James Trueit and his daughter Sasha Prior on Galiano Island, British Columbia in 2004. James and Sasha both share the belief that plant-based ingredients hold powerful healing qualities and that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it.

Sasha is a trained aromatherapist and James spent years researching and formulating over 400 products. Since then, James and Shasha have opened a retail and manufacturing location in Victoria. Along with a team of ‘Nezza Naturalists’ the company has blossomed into a leader of natural skin care and alternative lifestyle products.