Personal Care: The 7 Virtues 🍁

Name: The 7 Virtues

Products: Perfumes and perfume oils

Manufactured In: The US


Where to Buy: Online and at Sephora locations across Canada and the US

Canadian Owned: Yes

The 7 Virtues is a perfume and fragrance company that began as a book, became a movie, and launched a sustainable and ethical perfume brand that has extended its reach to a worldwide audience. Barb Stegemann was preoccupied with the way fragrance components were gathered – including in illegal conditions that violated the human rights of the gatherers. To liberate and empower these workers in Haiti, Rwanda, Madagascar, India, and the Middle East, she launched an awareness campaign and a perfume brand that does it right.

The 7 Virtues perfumes and perfume oils can be purchased online or in several Sephora locations across North America. Each product uses ingredients farmed by suppliers who follow legal and ethical practices and have allied with several companies to create a safe fragrance space.

In addition, they are environmentally conscious and clean. The head office runs on renewable energy, and its packaging is approved by the FSC.