Personal Care: Thumper Massager 🍁

Name: Thumper Massager

Products: Deep muscle percussion massagers

Manufactured In: North of Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website, Costco, Walmart, Amazon, and many other outlets


Canadian Owned: Yes

Thumper has been around since 1974, making high-quality massagers in Canada despite many of their competitors moving their production out of the country to save on production costs. The company was started by a Toronto chiropractor Lyman Johnson with support from mechanical Engineers from Magna International Inc. The first design was the patented Vibrotoner, designed to release muscle tension before chiropractic adjustment.

Today most of Thumper’s massagers are designed for self-use and you are likely to find a product that meets your needs whether you are a competitive athlete who needs to recover quickly or just need to soothe aching muscles and release stress.