Personal Care: Wild Prairie Soap Company 🍁

Name: Wild Prairie Soap Company

Products: Hand and body soap, lip balms lotions, body scrubs

Manufactured In: Edmonton, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

The founder of Wild Prairie Soap Company, Tanya Zurock, has always believed that looking after your skin should not be complicated whether you are looking after your skin or your children’s skin. She first started making natural soaps as she needed a kinder cleaning product for her children who had extremely dry and sensitive skin.

When she started using natural soaps with her children, she soon noticed a remarkable difference in the health of their skin and began to experiment with all kinds of ingredients, keeping notes of how each soap performed to improve them even further.

Tanya’s perseverance paid off and today, Wild Prairie Soap Company is one of Canada’s leading producers of nourishing skin care products. The soaps are available from a range of retailers across Canada and also sold in Japan and South Korea.