Pet Products: Champion Petfoods 🍁

Name: Champion Petfoods

Products: Orijen and Acana dog and cat foods

Manufactured In: Morinville, Alberta

Where to buy: In over 90 countries


Canadian Owned: Yes

Champion Petfoods has been making food for cats and dogs since 1985. The pet food brands produced by Champion Petfoods are ORIJEN™ and ACANA™which are both premium pet foods.

The company sources the finest WholePrey animal ingredients only, which are the most nourishing parts of an animal, from its carefully selected suppliers. These high-quality ingredients are then crafted into safe and healthy food for cats and dogs by ph.D. -level nutrition experts and vets.

Both ORIJEN™ and ACANA™ pet foods are available across Canada. In addition to Canada, the company sells pet foods in over 90 countries around the world.