Pet Products: Enviro Fresh 🍁

Name: Enviro Fresh

Products: Pet shampoo, oral hygiene products, odor eliminators, cleaning solutions

Manufactured In: North York, Ontario

Where to buy: A variety of pet stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Enviro Fresh, based in North York, Ontario, is a Canadian pet food manufacturer. The company was founded by Neil and Resa Black in 1997. The founders had a passion for pets and creating a product they believed in and left their day jobs to start Enviro Fresh. They would work tradeshows from Vancouver, British Columbia to Chicago in the US supported by family and friends.

Since then, the Enviro Fresh product line has grown to almost three dozen products. The products, which include pet shampoos and oral hygiene products among others, are available from a range of pet stores.
Enviro Fresh is committed to sustainable practices from using natural plant extracts to using recyclable packaging. None of the products are tested on animals and the company regularly contributes to rescue shelters.