Pet Products: RC Pets 🍁

Name: RC Pets

Products: Dog and cat leashes, collars, harnesses, travel products, raincoats, socks, etc.

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC (and China – further discussion below)

Where to Buy: Independent pet stores across Canada and the US


Canadian Owned: Yes

The company reports that the following products are made in Canada:

“All our RC and CE collars and leashes (except for the Beyond Control Leash and the Bungee Leashes/couplers) are designed in Canada and actually made right here in our Vancouver office! This does include all our kitty collars and leashes and out Kitty Harness (Not to be mistaken with the Adventure Kitty Harness, which is not made in Canada).

For accessories:

RC Bear Bell
CE Carry All Treat Bag
CE Reflective Bear Bell
CE Flat Pack Water Bowl
CE Ultimate Treat bag

These are all designed and made it Canada.”