Pet Products: RC Pets 🍁

Name: RC Pets

Products: Dog and cat leashes, collars, harnesses, travel products, raincoats, socks, etc.

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC (and China – further discussion below)

Where to Buy: Independent pet stores across Canada and the US


Canadian Owned: Yes

The story of RC Pets started in 1987 in Whistler, British Columbia. The founder, Rory Carr, initially intended to get into the wintersports industry when he began making products for snowboarders and skiers. One year, he mistakenly ordered too many yards of nylon webbing for ski traps. As he did not want to waste the product, he used it for dog leashes and collars. By 1995, Rory had made the transition into the pet industry.

While many RC Pets products are made in Canada, not all of them are. Products that are made in Canada include all of the RC and CE collars and leashes (apart from the Beyond Control Leash and the Bungee Leashes/couplers) as well as the accessories listed below.

  • RC Bear Bell
  • CE Carry All Treat Bag
  • CE Reflective Bear Bell
  • CE Flat Pack Water Bowl
  • CE Ultimate Treat bag