Pet Products: Royal Canin

Name: Royal Canin

Products: Pet food (dog & cat)

Manufactured In: Guelph, Ontario

Where to Buy: Veterinary clinics and pet stores


Canadian Owned: No (Owned by Mars Incorporated)

Royal Canin has been making pet food since 1968. It was started by Frenchman Jean Cathary who through his work with animals realised how important the right diet was for the animal’s health and wellbeing.

Since Jean Cathary created the brand, it has changed ownership several times. First it was bought by the Guyomarc’h group, then by Paribas Affaires Industrielles until it was bought by Mars Incorporated in 2002.

Despite the changes, the company has never lost its focus to develop healthier, more nutritious dog foods. It is an innovator in its field and has developed, for example, size specific and breed specific nutrition to cater for the different needs of different dogs.