Pet Products: Ubite 🍁

Name: Ubite

Products: Cat and dog treats

Manufactured In: Langley, BC

Where to Buy: Online and in some stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Ubite is a line of freeze-dried pet treats for dogs and cats, made from various fish and meats such as salmon, beef liver, chicken, and more. They mark “Product of Canada” on the packaging, meaning the vast majority of the raw materials and manufacturing is done in Canada if not 100%.The company has one production facility in Canada, two in the US, and facilities in Europe and Australia are under production.

Alliance Freeze Dry Group, which produces Ubite and was established in 2010, operates with its subsidiary Canature Processing Ltd. Canadture is one of North America’s largest branded products manufacturers. Together, they are also leaders in the freeze-drying industry in North America.