Reno/Builders: Gorman Brothers 🍁

Name: Gorman Brothers Mill

Products: Wood products

Manufactured In: West Kelowna, BC

Where to Buy: Distributors across the country


Canadian Owned: Yes

Gorman Bros specialises in producing one-inch wood boards of the highest quality. The company was founded by brothers John and Ross Gorman who set out in business together in 1949. They first tried their hand in different fields such as making and selling fruit boxes but in 1953 they decided to set up a sawmill.

The company was owned equally by the families of Ross and John until 2008 when Ross and his family purchased the full ownership from John’s family. Today the Gorman Group is managed by Nick Arkle, Ross’s son-in-law. Nick brings years of expertise in leadership and the forest industry into the company and continues to champion the company’s founding principles.