Restaurants: Topper’s Pizza 🍁

Name: Topper’s Pizza

Products: Pizza and other take-out items

Headquartered In: Barrie, Ontario

Where to Buy: 35 franchises in Ontario


Canadian Owned: Yes

The story of Topper’s Pizza dates back to 1904 when Giuseppe Toppazzini moved from San Daniele, Italy to Copper Cliff, Ontario. He brought with him the family’s recipe for bread dough and soon opened the Toppazzini bakery.

The pizza dough used in Topper’s pizzas is made fresh every day in each store using the family’s secret recipe which is over 100 years old. The dough is handcrafted with skill and precision and 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The company runs an award-winning franchise that offers prospective franchise partners all the necessary tools to succeed including help with business plans and financial management.