Meat: Canadian Meat Republic 🍁

Name: Canadian Meat Republic

Products: Biltong (high protein dried meat)

Manufactured In: Kelowna, BC

Where to buy: Various retailers in the West


Canadian Owned: Yes

Canadian Meat Republic Ltd is a company making Biltong, a meat snack originating from South Africa. The company is based in Kelowna, British Columbia where they handcraft high-quality protein snacks using only the best Canadian beef.

Biltong from the Canadian Meat Republic is made with no added sugar, no nitrates, no MSG, no artificial ingredients, and no allergens. It is gluten-free and keto and paleo-approved. The simple ingredients used to make the snack are vinegar, salt, and spices. The beef is marinated in the ingredients before it is air-dried. Biltong contains more than 50% protein.

To find where you purchase Biltong by the Canadian Meat Republic, visit the company website to locate your nearest stockist.