Snacks: Dare Foods 🍁

Name: Dare Foods

Products: Crackers, cookies, bread, candy

Manufactured In: Several factories in the US and Canada

Where to buy: Retailers around the world


Canadian Owned: Yes

Dare Foods is a Canadian company that has been family-owned since it was founded in 1889. Throughout the company’s long history, it has created some of the most loved brands in Canada, including REALFRUIT gummies, Breton crackers, Bear Paws Cookies, and Melba Toast.

The company’s head office is still based in the same region even though Dare has expanded operations far beyond where it started from. Dare now has nine manufacturing facilities and over 1,400 employees. Despite its growth, the company remains committed to “good goods and honest dealing”.

Dare Foods products, including cookies, crackers, fine breads, and candy, can be purchased from store nationwide.