Snacks: HoneyBar 🍁

Name: HoneyBar Products International Inc.

Products: Snack bars and bites

Manufactured In: Ottawa, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and in stores across the country


Canadian Owned: Yes

HoneyBar is a 30-year-old company based in Ottawa, Ontario. It was started by Frank Sardelis who was a baker by trade. He developed the first HoneyBar combination using sesame and honey. By the time Frank’s daughter Mary took over at the helm of the company, it was selling at around 100 local stores and offering six different flavours.

Honeybar’s premise is simple- to manufacture snack bars sweetened and bound with only honey. Bars are made with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and honey and contain less than 10 ingredients and between 6g and 8g of protein per bar. All bars are certified gluten-free, certified kosher, and use only non-GMO ingredients.